The connection with the customer finds natural continuity in the after-sales, guaranteeing comprehensive and timely answers to every request for assistance.
The Opera 3D Support services are designed to meet all customer’s requests of after-sales to ensure usage and operability of our 3D Printers.
This is why we thought of specific solutions to meet all customer’s need regarding the use of our 3D printers.

Help Desk

Opera 3D provides the help desk service to solve customer’s problems and to provide guidance on the use of products and software.
The customer receive assistance in some areas like process settings, analysis of 3D model 3D and printing procedures.
The service is provided through a dedicated phone number, Skype and email. We offer various hour package solutions for different customer needs.


Opera 3D supports the customer during training and first steps in 3D technology. 
This is why we thought of some different level of solutions (basic, advanced and easy print system) to customize assistance to the user’s needs.
  • FFF technology
  • Printing materials
  • Simplify3D settings
  • Dedicated profile import
  • Preparation procedure
  • Printing start
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  • 3D modelling reparation
  • Advanced settings of Simplify3D
  • Generation of a Gcode file
  • Types of support and removal
  • Post-processing *
  • Printing files **
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easy print system
  • Audit
  • Analysis of customer’s needs
  • Customized settings
  • Optimization of results and processes
  • Analysis of results
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Note: * Only for AXARA and PRIMA printers / ** Only for AXARA printer