Open-concept and compact design

The front and back opening allow a wide visibility for the control and advancement of the print. The compact dimensions of this series are perfect for a desk without sacrificing quality.


Wide choice of materials

A large range of materials and colors specially created to increase the possibilities and performances in the area of use. Special filaments such as WOOD, CORK, METAL and STONE allow to create material forms. The printing of flexible materials increases its versatility.


Intuitive operation

The touch display, compact and functional. With a few simple steps you can make precise and resistant prints. Lightweight and easy to handle, it can be easily installed in any work environment.
ACTA and ACTA+, ideal solution for engineering and architecture professionists, tech laboratory and industrial design.
Opera 3D Prima is supplied with Simplify3D, the best market leader. Simplify 3D configuration is optimized for our printer and filaments: printing results are excellent with minimal effort.

ACTA / ACTA+ specifications:

Printing techology: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)
Movement: cartesian coordinate system
Extruder type: all-metal “easy change”
Max extruder temperature 280° C
Nozzle diameter: 0.4 - 0.5 - 0.6 - 0.8 mm
Print volume: 210 x 210 x 260 mm / 310 x 210 x 260 mm
HBP temperature: 0° - 130° C
Printing speed: 10-80 mm/s
Layer resolution: 0.10 - 0.50 mm
User interface: display 3.5”
File transfer: SD Card
Build plate leveling: manual, with wizard
Working temperature: 15°- 30° C
Printer dimensions: 57 x 38 x 61 cm / 67 x 38 x 61 cm
Packaging dimensions: 74 x 45 x 69 cm / 84 x 45 x 69 cm
Power supply: 220-240 Vac, 50-60 Hz, 350 W
Weight: 28 kg / 33 kg
Shipping weight: 30 kg / 35 kg
Slicer: Simplify 3D (optimized profile)
Operative system: Mac OS X, Windows e Linux
File type: STL, OBJ

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